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Our ohana is dedicated to guiding your journey with deep respect, intention and playfulness.

We've come together with great purpose... Each of us has our own gifts, skills and nurturing perspectives to share. We look forward to connecting with you throughout our time together on the island as we weave our magic through sound, movement, mindfulness, creativity and laughter.

Radiance Retreat Facilitators

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Christina and Priscilla always create harmonious collaborations through ceremony... As a dynamic duo, they're energy is infectious! They are both well accomplished in sound healing, yoga, dance, coaching, meditation and more. They're grounded spirits, authenticity, and loving hearts guide the way. Priscilla and Christina are passionate about empowering women through experiences & providing tools to transform lives and are truly excited to present an immersion on the beautiful island of Maui.

Radiance Retreat Support Team


Paul and Josh (Christina and Priscilla's beloved partners) will be acting as support, in all ways possible during our retreat. From transportation, to activity set-up, kitchen help and so much more. They will also accompany Christina & Priscilla during sound baths with their musical talents.

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