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Josh is a multi-passionate creative. A lover of strategy and game enthusiast. An earth angel here to support others in feeling their very best. As an Earth / Fire energy, Josh is able to hold space, support, nurture, and bring in a light hearted, compassionate, playful energy to the mix.

He plays a variety of healing instruments and has been holding sacred space with Priscilla in sound healings, yoga workshops, and retreats in Tacoma, WA for the past five years. 

Movement and body mechanics have always been a passion. Experienced in martial arts, yoga, acro-yoga, aerial yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and conventional workout methods. 

Josh enjoys painting minis, Cooking delicious and beautiful food, Creating stories and developing games to help people see the world from another perspective. 

Josh will be assisting in sound healing, activities, and safely transporting our guests to and from excursions. He will also be holding space and providing safe masculine energy to provide a strong supportive container.

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