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Celebrate Your Inner Light In Paradise


Transform your life through an empowering and playful journey of creative expression, deep connection, divine sisterhood and self-care in Hawaii!

Experience the aloha spirit of Maui and join us for an extraordinary opportunity to re-awaken your intuition, creativity and playfulness. Are you in need of quieting your mind, abandoning self-judgment and creating more time for intentional living? Are you seeking more connection to the divine feminine? Then escape to paradise as we create the perfect container for all these things and more... You are worth it!   

Yoga • Sound Healing • Sacred Island Excursions • Cacao Ceremony
Journaling • Lei P'oo Making • Dance • Fire Ceremony • Self-Love

You'll feel supported, safe and at ease while learning and connecting in ways to raise your vibration. Can you hear the gentle waves, smell the tropical flowers and feel the warm sand between your toes? You'll be nourished through the 6 days and 5 nights with delicious high vibe foods & refreshments, and will also have a balance of down time to relax or explore each day. Maui is a magical, healing place and considered the heart chakra of the planet... You'll find yourself expanding in invaluable ways, even beyond our retreat. It's truly an experience of a lifetime!


It is our vision to encourage women to pause and empower them to bring more intention, self-love and joy into their lives.

Celebrate your inner light among a circle of sisters... Feel welcomed, encouraged and witnessed in all that we do. Our retreat will be filled with splendid moments of interaction, connection, inner awareness, discovery, relaxation and joy.


Our days have been carefully curated to include a variety of offerings along with a balance of down time.


We'll meet every morning on the beautiful lawn adjacent to the beach to greet the day with yoga. Some days will begin with gentle movement and other days more invigorating, depending on what our bodies need. We'll be incorporating meditation, breath work, energy medicine, drums, singing bowls, live guitar accompaniment and more during our wonderful, ocean view sessions. You can even go for a quick dip afterwards in the ocean, before joining everyone for brekkie.

Basic mats are provided through our accommodations, however, you are welcome to bring your own mat from home for comfort & familiarity.


Our evenings will culminate with a transcendental sound journey... Our ohana of instruments will stimulate your brain and parasympathetic nervous system to help induce a Theta state, a place of tranquility, altered consciousness and expansion of the mind. By simply listening with intention to these pure, vibrant tones and frequencies you may find peace, joy, inner-awareness and rejuvenation as well as release energy no longer serving you, such as, deep-seated fear, anxiety, trauma, negative emotions and behavioral patterns.


You'll be bathed in the soothing vibrations of:

Over 30 metal Himalayan singing bowls • Over a dozen crystal quartz singing bowls

2 Chakra Overtone Drums • 36" Water Gong • 24" Wind Gong

Frame Drums • Ocean Drum • Various Elemental Chimes • Crystal Pyramid

Earth Tuned Tuning Fork • Rattles • Kalimba • Guitar • Didgeridoo and more!

lei po'o

Learn the ancient Hawaiian tradition of lei po'o making... Sit in circle and talk story while weaving a vibrant flower crown filled with beautiful tropical greenery and flowers from the Ā'ina. You'll feel like a true goddess when you adorn yourself with a crown fit for a queen!


We'll visit two of Maui's most sacred and amazing sites... Our first adventure will take us into the sacred Ī'ao Valley where we will sit near the the stream and connect with the heart opening medicine of ceremonial cacao. After our ceremony we'll have a session about creating sacred space and altars and go for a dip in the cleansing pools of fresh water.


Our second journey will lead us into the very center of the heart chakra of the planet, the crater of Haleakalā. Haleakalā's resonance is identical to the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 cycles per second, the very same resonance of our hearts! We'll make an offering within the crater of this dormant volcano, surrounded by its uniquely rugged formations and colorful landscapes, all while being encompassed by its potent mana.


Each day will be filled with nutritious and delicious meals prepared by our private chef. Local produce will be used to create a vegan and gluten-free menu for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert. Every meal is created with the utmost intention to align with our bodies' energetic needs throughout each day. All this nourishment will make your body chant "Yummmmmm!".


Celebrate your inner Goddess! Explore & embrace powerful, intentional and sensual movement in your body temple… Playfully flow in ritual movement, based in belly dance. Reveal your serpentine muse, all while immersed in a safe & supportive space. You'll learn about the ancient art of belly dance and how to incorporate ritual movement into every-day life. Whether you love to dance or are just a beginner, you'll connect with your own unique feminine energy to express yourself to the fullest within your body!


Each day you'll have some time to just relax... Watch the sunrise with your coffee on the beach, swim with the turtles, lounge by the pool, unwind in the hot tub, journal near the ocean waves, chat with a new friend on the lanai or watch a spectacular Maui sunset. Whatever you choose, the island spirit will help guide you to let go.


We'll be weaving in powerful tools surrounding self-care, self-love... Empowering you to expand into new potentials & pathways for actualizing your dreams. Energy medicine techniques, mantras, rituals, deep discussions & our daily journal circles will support your growth and expansion.


According to Hopi Prophecy, “When the women gather the world will heal.”  Throughout our time together, you'll create precious, heart-centered connections with other women, through witnessing each sister's story. We'll create a safe and sacred space for women to come together, feel deeply, use their voices, be heard & be seen and remember their self-worth. When you have the opportunity to be your truest self, you feel fully in alignment with your purpose. We are honored to foster friendships through this retreat that will last a lifetime.


Surrender to an expansive journey with heart opening cacao! During one of our island excursions, we'll hold ceremony with great intention and story. We will briefly discuss the “Food of the Gods” and its healing properties & hold a drinking ritual, before turning our gaze inwards for a short guided visualization accompanied by sound. The spirit of cacao often acts as a mood enhancer and can open the pathway to feelings of oneness, bliss and connection.


Our ceremonial cacao is permaculture shade grown, sustainably harvested, direct trade, hand picked, organic, vegan, paleo & keto approved, GMO free, soy free, gluten free and nut free. 


Our closing ceremony on the beach during sunset will include a sacred fire. We will commune around the flickering flames to reflect upon our experiences from the week and to hold space for prayers that will be written on paper, burned in the fire and released into the cosmos. Many tears of joy will be shed and hugs will be had before drumming and dancing ensues under the moon and the stars.


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