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Priscilla is known for providing a fun light-hearted and nurturing environment. Utilizing a non-judgmental patient and compassionate teaching style.


Guiding humans to find trust let go of fear and break barriers. Taking Radical Self Responsibility Empowering them to work up to goals with small consistent steps. Priscilla enjoys fusing together all of her knowledge to help improve whatever obstacle is being faced. Using yoga breathwork, sound healing, energy medicine, transcending limiting beliefs, and understanding the Chakra system to better understand ourselves.

Priscilla is on a mission to empower service-driven beings to manage anxiety, stress, and overwhelm; Creating a life of peace, joy, and liberation. Spreading light and joy into the world in their own authentic way. Helping healers heal the world.​

Yoga has been a helpful tool that Priscilla enjoys sharing with the world. She hopes to help individuals learn how to find self-love compassion and kindness so they can utilize these tools within their own daily lives and share with others.

"Transformation is not a future event, it is a present-day activity"

-Jillian Michaels

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