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Sat, Apr 11


Lumeria Maui


Shift your subconscious patterning and allow more money, time, and ease to flow into your life! Our dear friend Ania is holding this playshop & we are thrilled to be offering an integrative Gong Meditation to open and close the day. $111-$155

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Apr 11, 2020, 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Lumeria Maui, 1813 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768



Shift Your Subconscious Patterning and Allow More Money, Time, and Ease to Flow Into Your Life!

This daylong playshop is all about creating some wiggle-room in those baked-in unconscious templates we all have for how much abundance we allow ourselves to experience. 

During this Playshop you will:

  • Identify your main blocks to more money and abundance
  • Discover what you have been unconsciously projecting onto money
  • Revise your Money Blueprint and lay a path forward beyond your current glass ceiling so that your subconscious knows it is safe to take this new route.
  • Upgrade your Self-Worth settings
  • Marinate in a morphic field of expanding abundance
  • Use your intuition to make a powerful tool for you to take home and use daily to speak directly to your subconscious and help integrate the highs and realizations of this day

To be clear, money is one part of the equation, and we will be amplifying Full-Spectrum Abundance which includes time, well-being, and freedom - all in a spirit of playful curiosity realigning with our natural state as conscious creators.

Exercises will include EFT (tapping), systemic constellation-informed NLP practices, and various tools for revising subconscious patterning. We also have Shanti Sound Healing offering their luscious Gong Meditation at the start and finish for integration support.


Because this day is all about entraining your nervous systems for more amazing lusciousness... A gong meditation will open and close the day for integration. We shall also start off with the most delicious drinking chocolate. Doors open at 10:30am and from 10:30-10:50 we shall be serving deep rich cups of cacao (raw and lightly sweetened with honey), as a soft opening and invitation for people to arrive early and settle in with a dose of luxurious deliciousness. We shall begin the structured portion of our day promptly at 11am. 


Ania has a knack for going deep into the root of things while holding a very lighthearted and emotionally nourishing container, which helps her clients make miraculous shifts with surprising ease. 

She is a triple-certified Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, trained at NLP Marin, one of the only NLP training programs that skews far on the trauma-informed end rather than the salesy end of the scale (mentioning this in case your experience with NLP is limited to the "three weird brain tricks" kinda dudes). Her background is in Jungian and Transpersonal psychotherapy before going in a coaching direction.

She's worked with everyone from struggling artists and healers to millionaire entrepreneurs, and delights in witnessing humanity drop the hustle and reclaim their birthright as conscious creators living in alignment with the abundant nature of their magickal souls. 

$111 Early Bird/$133 Normal Bird/$155 Late Bird

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