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Christina is most fulfilled when she's creating magical experiences that inspire beings to connect to their truest self and shine their inner light! She has a great passion to serve others with her natural empathic gifts, helping them to live in their highest alignment through sound, meditation, movement and other energetic offerings.

She facilitates all her intentional offerings with an authentic heart and shows up fully by surrounding these offerings with deep ritual, beauty & intention. 


Christina also has more than 20 years of dance experience and enjoys teaching women how to explore and love their bodies through movement, in a safe and non-judgemental container. She specializes in foundational movements based in belly dance and incorporates sacred or ritual dance in her own style, inspired by classical and contemporary dance styles. It is a great honor for her to help women+ feel powerful, beautiful, sensual and strong in their unique bodies.

She has explored and trained in various styles of dance:

Belly Dance, Fusion Belly Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Burlesque, Tap, Flamenco, Salsa, Hip-Hop and more.

At present, she feels called to create a women's sacred dance collective, weaving movement and ritual together to create a safe space for healing and empowerment... With dance choreographies inspired by the wheel of life, seasons, planets, elements, cycles and life initiations.



Christina feels that collective embodiment allows us to connect more deeply to the earth, our own bodies and each other, as well as offer space for great healing and integration within our lives.

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