Oh wow. Where to even begin?


I’m a Northern Californian girl who grew up in between redwoods and wine country listening to the Grateful Dead and getting involved with food and event production at a young age.


I began working in restaurants when I was sixteen and fell as much in love with the fast-paced environments as I did with hospitality. When I moved to San Francisco at eighteen I continued hospitality work and attended the California Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu program. My early twenties were a blur of late nights working in the Castro District working and attending music festivals and then long international sabbaticals where I would backpack and volunteer on organic farms.


When I was twenty-five I had what I now refer to as my “quarter-life crisis” – and I quit restaurant work to find something easier on my body and my spirit. I tried my hand at travel writing. I worked for innovative winemakers in sales and marketing. I learned how to design websites and manipulate basic code. I took a doula certification and worked to support natural birth education. I studied circus arts and learned how to fly. I did everything I could to find meaning and purpose.


Finally when I started volunteering to teach inner-city teens healthy cooking I found something that combined my love of food with my love of people. I continued teaching and in the process of this relearned how to love the art of cooking. I was asked to cater a yoga retreat in Joshua Tree Desert and although it was the hardest thing I had ever done I felt empowered and innovated. I decided that cooking for others with love and intention would be my path.


I moved to Maui in alignment with my Saturn Return and began my journey to where I am today. I threw myself into yoga holistic health and wellness and began to create the life I now lead.


I created a company and brand called More Pleaze targeted at retreat catering and conscious cooking. Soon I had as many requests from chefs wanting to work with me as I did from clients and I threw myself into building More Pleaze up to become a community of likeminded chefs. I now boast almost 100 incredible chefs from all over the United States and beyond.


Now I still live in Maui and while I do cater special retreats and teach yoga it is private work that has been my latest passion. I love pushing my limits and creating more decadence in special spaces. I travel frequently for work and pleasure. I have clients up and down the west coast a large production Burning Man camp I support annually and even spent a winter in Bali consulting for a vegan restaurant opening. In short: I’m rarely bored!


I love eating at local markets while traveling dressing up for fancy dinners collecting hot sauces hiking with my little dog in a backpack and generally loving life. I bring this zest into my food and all that I do!

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