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Join Christina and Paul for a uniquely inspired meditational journey through the spirit of plant medicine and divine sound!


In a clear and sacred space, the journey begins with personal intentions, story and the heart opening power of ceremonial drinking cacao. We will briefly discuss the “Food of the Gods” and its healing properties as it prepares us to turn our gaze inwards for a short guided visualization. Guests are then cleared with shamanic drumming and rattles followed by hand hammered Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and the healing sounds of a 36” Water Gong. The Spirit of Cacao intensifies the sound journey with increased oxygen, awareness and the release of “bliss” chemicals within the body. Recipients will reach a highly relaxed state of consciousness from the transcendental sounds, as the cacao helps to allow the energetic process to unfold with connections to sensations, emotions and the feeling of expansion… This higher state is where your own innate healing abilities are able to work more effectively to bring you back into optimal vibrational alignment!



Please bring a yoga mat, water (in a reusable bottle), pillow, shawl/blanket and anything else to help you feel comfortable. We recommend no alcohol or other substances beforehand. Light meal 2-3 hours before (depending on sensitivity). Ages 16+.



*Contraindications: People with a major heart condition (increases heart rate 15-20%), those using anti-depressants/anti-psychotics (SSRI, MAOI), Pregnancy/Breastfeeding (smaller dosage should be taken). Will cause death to dogs/parrots/horses.


Advanced registration is required to partake in high -grade ceremonial drinking cacao that is prepared before ceremony. Those that choose to show up at the door will be served a micro-dose of ceremonial cacao paste to eat.


Our Cacao is:

Permaculture Shade Grown . Sustainably Harvested . Direct Trade . Hand Picked

Organic . Vegan . Paleo . Keto Approved . GMO Free . Soy Free . Gluten Free . Nut Free


Our ceremonial drinking cacao is made with organic ceremonial cacao paste & spring water. We often add a few spices to help enhance the experience and tickle your tastebuds!

. Water will be your friend before, during and after the ceremony. The more cacao you consume on a regular basis, the less you need.


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